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Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) is a process, which involves capturing, sharing, applying information and learning to improve performance. It encompasses elements of research, communications, monitoring and evaluation, management information systems, and documenting and sharing lessons learned. However, these elements are not seen as ends in themselves, but rather are combined strategically and systematically to improve performance. KM thus supports people to base decisions on available evidence.

Knowledge management is a core capability of JSI Europe. In particular, the organisation has extensive experience of providing tailor-made advice and technical support on knowledge management for and among a variety of different stakeholders, including government, private and public sectors. This includes expertise in breaking down knowledge management models and strategies into practical systems and day-to-day functions. These enable the capturing, sharing and use of knowledge and are appropriate and realistic for the organisation in question and its environment.

JSI Europe has designed and implemented knowledge management systems for site-based projects, international organisations and government agencies. Examples relating to HIV/AIDS include:

  • KM support to DFID's Sexual and Reproductive Health Resource Centre
  • Knowledge management within DFID's Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS Project (ZHAP)
  • Mid-term evaluation of African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Programme, Botswana (2004) KM component.
  • Getting Research Into Policy and Practice (GRIPP) project. This project documents research related to sexual and reproductive health issues and their impact on policy or practice.
  • Reuse of Female Condom Website
  • Provision of technical support to National AIDS Documentation and Information Centre (NADIC), Uganda
  • Development of a knowledge system for Naz Foundation International
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