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Title Author
A Study to Establish the Connections between HIV/AIDS & Conflict Gordon, Jacobson and Porteous
Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-poor Settings Gilks
Briefing of Consultants on sexually transmitted infection control Ray
Capacity Building for HIV/AIDS Gordon
COPE/PLA in practice COPE, PLA
Core Labour Standards: Key issues and a proposal for a strategy Ladbury and Gibbons
Divided We Fall Butcher, Gordon and McEachran
Enhancing Maternal Survival - A research priority in Low-Income countries Barber
Evidence Base for the Impact of HIV Upon Health Systems Joint JSI(UK) and HSRC Document
Identification, review and synthesis of literature on maternal health in Russia and the former Socialist Republics Gillian McIlwaine
India: A Framework for Social Franchising in India Grace
Investigation of Condom Quality Beckerleg and Gerofi
Lessons Learned from Mainstreaming HIV into the Poverty Eradication Action Plan in Uganda Butcher
Literature Review on HIV/AIDS and Governance: Commissioned Desk Based Research Moran with Butcher, Curtis and Laurence
Maternal Mortality and Poverty Matthews
Maternal Mortality in South East Asia JSI
Provision of Anti-Retroviral Therapy for People with HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries Gilks
Quality Improvement of Health Services in Nepal Client Oriented Provider Efficient (COPE), Participatory Learning and Action
The Role of SWAps and the Private Sector in the Response to HIV AIDS: DFID Experience in Selected Countries Austen
Sexual Health of males in South Asia who have sex with other males Mackay
WHO Consultation on the Re-use of the Female Condom McEachran
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