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Abdominal Delivery
Abortion laws and regulations
Abortion Service Delivery
Abortion Techniques
Accessibility, Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency.
Accessible Technology and Reliable Hospitals
Additional Health Benefits from TBA Training Programmes
Alphabet Soup
Alternative Financing Methods for Maternal Health Services
Alternative Methods of Abortion
Antenatal care
Antenatal Care as a Tool to Prevent Maternal Deaths
Audit of Obstetric Care in Developing Countries
Background and Approach to Calculation of DALYs
Background to User Fees
Benefits and Disadvantages of DALYs
Burden of Maternal Ill Health Using DALYs
The Burden of Unsafe Abortion
Caesarean Section Rates
Caesarean Section under Local Anaesthesia
Causes of Maternal Death
Community-level Financing Programmes
The Complex Relationship between Abortion, Unplanned Pregnancy, and Family Planning
Components of Antenatal Care
Components of Normal Vaginal Delivery
Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths
Cost of Basic Obstetric Services
Cost of Comprehensive Obstetric Services
Cost of Maternal Health Services
Cost of Specific Components of Maternal Health Care
The Cost per DALY for Maternal Health Interventions
Costing Methods Used in Review Studies
The Costs of TBA Training
The Costs of Training for Obstetric Emergency Care
Criterion-based Audit
Delegation of Tasks
Descriptions of Poor-rich Disparities
Different Models of Training
Difficulties in Obtaining Data
Distance Education
Distribution Problems of Health Professionals
Does (Obstetric) Audit Work?
Domestic Resources
Equity in Maternal Health and Health Care Should Be a Main Target
Estimated Cost of Providing Essential Obstetric Care Packages
Evaluation by Trial and by Monitoring
Evaluation of TBA Training Programmes
Evidence of Maternal Mortality Reduction from Programmes of TBA Training
Folic Acid

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