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National Community Home-Based Care Standards

The National Home-Based Care Standards are part of the effort to bring together an enabling environment for care and support of patients and their families in Zimbabwe. Developed by a multi-disciplinary team, the standards guidebook is a useful tool for programme managers and home-based care providers, providing them with a foundation from which to identify gaps in their service and to seek the training and support they need.

The guidebook presents the home-based care standards in five sections covering the following areas:

  • Care and Support for Patient and Family
  • Team Service Provision
  • Governance and Management
  • Training, Information and Education
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Sample Data Collection Tools (Annex)

JSI Europe provided financial, material and technical assistance in developing the standards. The technical content was developed with HOSPAZ, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Zimbabwe Association of Church-related Hospitals, National AIDS Council, and Island Hospice Service, Harare, in consultation with several other home-based care stakeholders, professionals, donors, NGOs and representatives of the Government of Zimbabwe.

Download the guidebook