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Positive Living: Food & Us

This book is aimed at anyone who wants better health, beautiful skin and hair and healthy teeth. It is also to help people avoid the diseases and conditions that have become so common since the 20th Century changed our way of eating. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, tooth decay and increasing kinds of cancer. Top of the list, of course is AIDS, which has replaced cancer in the last century and TB in the one before, as the ‘Big Demon’ whose name cannot be mentioned and whose diagnosis brings about total loss of hope. It is very important that people understand that HIV is just one more disease on the list. The secret to living positively is really very simple:

  • Having a positive attitude to your life and your health.
  • Learning and sticking to the kind of diet that will give your body all the weapons it needs to keep it strong and healthy.

The writer of this book is Lynde Francis, a grandmother who has been living with HIV since being diagnosed in 1986. The methods she has used to stay strong and healthy and not progress to AIDS are what she wants to share with you in this book of nutrition for life.

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Section 1:

  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • Introduction: what this book is all about
  • The meaning of balance: Yin and Yang
  • The Five Golden Rules for healthy eating
  • A Healthy Plate: how should it look?
  • Supplement to the Healthy Plate
  • Vitamins and minerals: the best food sources, functions and
  • signs of deficiency

Section 2:

  • The staples: grains and other starches
  • Comparative food values of popular starches
  • The vitamin boosters: vegetables and fruit
  • Comparative food values of popular vegetables and fruits

Section 3:

  • Proteins: the body-builders
  • Comparative food values of popular proteins

Section 4:

  • Luxuries and relishes: other foods we like to eat
  • The enemies: foods that can harm your health
  • Feeding babies and children: how should it be done?
  • Comparative food values of milk and milk substitutes
  • Some ways to save costs and time

Section 5:

  • Human immuno–deficiency virus (HIV): what it is and how it affects your system
  • Hard Times: how to use food and herbs to overcome them

Section 6:

  • Malnutrition: the other plague
  • References and suggestions for further reading
  • Glossary of terms
  • Appendix
  • Acknowledgements