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Young People We Care! - A Book of Ideas for Young People Supporting each other in their Communities

This book is designed to encourage and help groups of young people support either younger children or their peers who are living in communities and households affected by AIDS. It can also be used by home-based care organisations that want to involve young people in their home-based care activities. Young People We Care! is designed for use by any group of young people aged 15-20 years. Nevertheless, we felt that groups who have already received training in the following will use it most effectively.

  • The facts about HIV and AIDS
  • Peer education
  • Life skills
  • Community outreach

There are two sections to this book:

  • The Training Guide is written for a facilitator or young person with a good knowledge of HIV and AIDS and facilitation experience. It aims to prepare a group of young people to implement the Community Activities in the second section. The training guide includes participatory activities to help young people think through a number of topics. (For each topic there are suggested community activities listed in the second half of the book.) You may have covered some of these topics already in your ongoing programme - others may be new. In either case, it is important the young people feel comfortable with the issues raised.
  • The Community Activities section is written for young people and suggests ways to help support other young people and children in the community. Most of the activities require no resources - no money or supplies - just the commitment of young people who want to help others in their community.

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